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Patient Testimonials

Anja Appy

A BIG THANKS to Sheryl Smithies, Dr Brandt and their team and staff. I’m not good at dentist and these guys made me feel completely comfortable and secure with the whole process of changing my teeth. 9 long treatments and numerous caps, root canal work, filings and gum reconstruction. Their expertise and state-of-the-art technology plus their genuine concern for me was amazing, always keeping me informed and comfortable. These guys have given me a new smile and a change of perspective on dentistry.
All the best for a bright future in your new premises.

Grant Baker

Being Scottish, the enjoyment of good return on investment is a guiding factor. When I received the steep quote to 'renovate' years of not looking after my mouth and teeth followed by sub-standard dental work .... I was a little suspicious. Well, well......the Enamel team were relational, really skilled at their work and actually passionate about dentistry. Can you believe this ? Passionate about teeth. This is big. Howard, you are the don of all implants. Sheryl, you were exceptional (Dr Smithies) and thank-you Rene and Nikita for adding to the experience. It was worth every cent and more. Thanks gals and yes, Howard.

Lara Collinson

I had a terrible accident and Sheryl made me feel so at ease and comfortable with the reconstruction of my 4 front teeth. She did an expert, amazing job in restoring my smile. Dr Brandt did 2 root canals for me and it was an absolute breeze, no pain! He is good at what he does! Both Doctors we’re very gentle. For someone who is terrified of dentist, the Enamel Dentistry team really exceeded my expectations. They have my absolute confidence as my now forever dentistry doctors! Thank you so much to all if you for your professional, friendly and personal care. Thank you to the lovely ladies at reception for also being so patient and caring and efficient!

Warren Abel

Dr Sheryl Smithies and her staff are extremely professional yet provide a friendly atmosphere. Very focused on patient ease, both mentally and physically.

Michael Kirch

Dr Sheryl Smithies has changed my life. The attention to detail, the kindness and the absolute wonderful personal touch has been the biggest gift. I am forever grateful. And I smile with my whole heart now!!

Alison Sutcliffe

Dr Smithies was incredible! I cant stop smiling! The whole process (Aligners and bonding) was painless and meticulously done. She has such a calm and caring way about her which really eased any anxiety. Would highly recommend the Enamel team!

Steve Saxton

I recently had the pleasure of having major work done my teeth with Dr Sheryl Smithies. It should be noted that, before the treatments, of which there were several, I had a chronic fear of dentists. When I say “fear”, I mean I’d rather have my fingernails pulled out and then be hung, drawn and quartered than sit in a dentist chair. However, my wife “persuaded” me to go, in order to get my teeth fixed. My wife can be very persuasive. So, on a sunny Tuesday morning I found myself sitting in Dr Sheryl’s chair. She was very friendly and smiled, assuring me that everything was going to be fine. “For whom?”, I wondered. I open my mouth and she began her assessment of the scope of works. Dentists like to speak to their assistants in code: “m25, B17, c12 blah, blah blah” etc. This is perfectly normal and you shouldn’t let that worry you. It’s designed to communicate the depth of the disaster without the patient panicking. And it worked well for me because I find that, the more ignorant I am, the happier I am. Dr Sheryl and her assistant then began to tackle the challenge set before them. Typically, dentists like to wait until you have three fingers, a drill, two suction hoses and a rubber dam crammed into your face, before they ask questions like:

“are you comfortable?” or “what are the names of your children?” Mercifully, Dr Sheryl doesn’t do this. Being a professional, she already knows that I don’t have anything, even vaguely interesting to say. Instead, she tells you just enough, so you think know what’s going on and you feel comfortable, without scaring the life out of you with all the gory details. All said and done, the scope of work was extensive, incorporating a root canal, at least 9 fillings and cosmetic work on four of the front teeth. Dr Sheryl proceeded confidently and gently, to go about fixing all the problems. (there are pictures available of the before and after) The total time in the chair was several hours but it seemed to fly past very quickly and remarkably comfortably. To say that I am pleased with the result is an understatement.

I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much.

Lizanne Burton

An amazingly professional and friendly team at Enamel. Dr Smithies' work is fantastic and she really makes going to the dentist something to look forward to.

Simone Nel

I recently had aesthetic treatment done with Dr Smithies and my skin is looking and feeling great! She is very gentle, knowledgeable and listens to your concerns. Her working space is very clean and relaxing. I have only received great service from Dr Smithies. I am extremely excited for my skin journey at Enamel Dentistry!

BC van Rooyen

Dr Sheryl and her team was wonderful. Service with a smile while giving me a new smile! High recommended!

DJ van der Westhuizen

Dr Smithies an her coordinator Nikita are absolute darlings. They treat patients with so much care and have a very welcoming approach. The toxin product, called Dysport, that Dr Smithies used on my forehead and around the eye area has been super effective. It's the first time that I was treated using this specific product and I am honestly amazed by the results! Thank you ladies for making me feel fabulous just before my overseas trip 😊 Jonéll

Nikita Cloete

I have been seeing Dr Smithies for a couple of years now on a regular basis, and I am always happy with my treatments. I recently did the aligners for a few months and I am exceptionally happy with my beautiful, straight smile. Dr Smithies and Nikita are always so accommodating and friendly, everything is always organised and well executed to ensure my treatments are quick and seamless. Beyond happy with my results. Couldn't recommend anyone more.

Kendall Amis

Premier dental care with a most professional team .Dr Smithies is creative ,thorough and precise . Her team consisting of Nakita who handles most of the communication is efficient and warm. Lisa who is the dental nurse is gentle and focused. Overall a wonderful team. I would highly recommend this practice. Kendall Amis

Vanya Keren

I just love going to the dentist at this institution , never thought id ever hear myself say this ! Dr Smithies is the best along with her amazing crew , Nikita is just amazing....tx for a pleasant experience.

Katharina Scholtz

Lovely warm competent service, made dental work as pleasant as is possible to! Felt in safe hands.

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