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About Dr. Sheryl Smithies

A digital dental specialist making cosmetic dentistry infinitely more innovative
Top Cape Town Digital Aesthetic Dentist

Dr Sheryl Smithies, BChD

As an aesthetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetic practitioner, Dr Sheryl believes that understanding the frame of your face and smile – is the keystone to your personal beauty.

Dr Sheryl knows that mapping out the path to the perfect natural you has been made infinitely more accurate and less invasive with the innovation of digital technology.

As one of the top Cape Town digital aesthetic dentists, Dr Smithies is passionate about enabling her patients to achieve their desired look without hesitations about the dental procedures or any doubt about their results.

A perfectionist at heart, she takes great pride in the quality of her work and the profound positive impact it has on her patient’s lives. 

What you can expect from your experience with us:

Step 1 - Consultation and Digital Records
Consultation and Digital Records All initial consultations are 45 minutes long, this includes the digital record taking (photos, IO Scans, CBCT, video etc) to create a digital picture of your face and mouth. A brief discussion will finish your consultation. Dr Sheryl will then work on the full treatment plan and get other collective knowledge pertaining to your case from other specialists at Enamel. Thereby affording you opinions from specialists before you have seen them.
Step 2 - Free Case Discussion
1 week after your initial consultation, Dr Sheryl will now present treatment options to you for discussion. Any and all questions will be answered so as to help you reach a decision about which treatment plan works the best for you.
Step 3 - Cost Estimate Finalization
This part is very thorough and all necessary cost estimates will be given to you.
Step 4 - Test Drive your Smile
You are now able to try in your new smile. We will make the digital design and use a temporary material on your teeth to show you what the final result could look like. This step can be done anywhere from Step 2 onwards. A fee is charged for the laboratory to do the design for us however, the actual clinical fee is waived.

What sets us apart:

You can expect exceptional care in both aesthetics dental  treatment planning and treatment execution.

We go beyond to create a relaxing high-end treatment environment, where comfort matters.

Our attention to detail and precise treatment, digital workflows such as test-driving your smile are at a top international level.

Beyond all you will get a professional doctor that is committed to your best results and who is passionate about anti-aging dentistry.

Honours & Certifications

Dr Smithies started her professional life at the University of Pretoria where she graduated with a bachelor’s in dental surgery where she helped underprivileged communities in Mkuze as part of the Community Service programme.

She then continued to study and learn more about many fields of aesthetic medicine including implant dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, digital dentistry, root treatments and minimally invasive dermatological procedures including Botox®, facial threads and fillers. Her studies have left her highly skilled and with the ability to treat patients holistically, using minimally invasive techniques, to give them the best smile to enhance their natural beauty.

Her excellent bedside manner allows her to connect with each of her patients on both a professional and personal level and her intense dedication to her profession ensures that her patients only receive the highest quality care available in aesthetic medicine.