Look Your Best in 2022 with our Facial Aesthetics Treatments

Every new year is an opportunity to renew ourselves and reach out to bigger and bolder dreams. We get to experience new challenges, joys, places and meet new people as we act on the new year resolutions we set up to achieve.

Imagine yourself experiencing all these exciting new things looking the best you can be.

We have good news. We can help you make this dream a reality!

In this blog, you’ll learn some of our treatments that will ensure you engage 2022 as your freshest and most attractive self.

Facial Aesthetics Treatments You Should Consider in 2022

  1. BotoxⓇ and DysportⓇ Neurotoxin Treatments

Suppose you are tired of those annoying wrinkles on your forehead and around your eyes. In that case, these neurotoxin treatments are a must-do!

Dr Sheryl Smithies can use these toxin injections to help you with treating the following:

  • Bunny lines on the nose.
  • Wrinkles around the eyes, like crow’s feet.
  • Frown Lines.
  • Forehead creases.
  • Pain from teeth clenching and grinding.

There are many other uses for Toxin injections and Dr Smithies can help you with your concerns.

Curious to learn more about Dr Smithies’ neurotoxin treatments? Read more here.

  1. JuvérdermⓇ Fillers

Interested in smoothening out frown lines, sculpting or adding more definition to your facial features? Then JuvérdermⓇ facial fillers are the perfect solution to revitalising your facial beauty this year.

These fillers are made from hyaluronic acid, a natural substance your skin generates that keeps it healthy and well-nourished.

Dr Smithies is a certified JuvérdermⓇ filler practitioner. She has years of experience using this treatment to remove frown lines and sculpt areas like cheeks, the chin and lips, enhancing the natural beauty of many patients.

JuvérdermⓇ Fillers are a cost-effective and minimally invasive aesthetic treatment. This means that looking your best this year doesn’t have to be a painful experience. Dr Sheryl and the team will ensure you are safe and comfortable every step of the way.

Are you afraid of needles? Find out how Dr Smithies ensures your treatment is anxiety-free here.

  1. APTOS Threads

Thanks to this treatment option, Dr Smithies is able to help patients look younger for longer. Depending on the number of threads applied and the area being treated, APTOS threads revitalising effects can last up to 18 or 24 months!

With these absorbable facial threads, we can help you :

  • Reduce bags under your eyes
  • Restore volume to sagging cheeks
  • Conditioning the skin
  • Straighten your nose and lift the tip
  • Tighten sagging skin under the lower jaw.

Dr Smithies also uses APTOS Threads for thinning lips and lifting the brow and outer eyebrow area.

How does a Virtual Consultation with Dr Smithies Work?

Enamel Clinic offers virtual consultations as an opportunity for you to connect with dentists so they can get to know you better and assess the help you need.

During your virtual consultation with Dr Smithies you will go through the following simple steps:

STEP 1 – Firstly fill in your contact details and request on the contact form on our website’s virtual consultation page.

STEP 2 – Dr Smithies will respond to you with available appointment dates, times, including sending you a link to our virtual waiting room and your unique code to use to access your consultation.

STEP 3 –Once you’ve entered the virtual waiting room, Dr Smithies will let you know when she’ll be available.

During the live consultation, Dr Smithies will be answering your questions, addressing any concerns you may have. Additionally, you’ll be able to upload images of any previous treatments you’ve had.

Ready to look your best for 2022? Let’s start your Facial Aesthetics Treatment Journey Today?

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