Tooth Wear Treatment Using Lite Dentistry

A Case Study By Dr Sheryl Smithies

It is comforting to know that when our teeth get worn down, we can restore them.

Thanks to Lite Dentistry, our featured patient now knows the joys of a renewed smile. In this article, I will show you how the patient and I started here…

….and after 6 months arrived here:

Tooth Wear Treatment Using Lite Dentistry

When the patient came to my practice, he was very aware of what he needed.

He knew he had worn his teeth down dramatically and wanted them to be protected. Since I love restoring my patients’ confidence by restoring their smiles, I was keen to assist.

My team and I kicked things off by giving the patient a complete examination which included a photographic exam and a 3D intraoral scan.

[will insert Before Intraoral Scan here]

Using all these modalities, we could then work on the most minimally invasive treatment plan.  

Treating the patient’s Smile Step by Step

The following are the steps I took with the patient to reach his new beautiful smile:

Step 1: Clear Aligners  

We used KRSTL clear aligners to straighten the patient’s upper and lower teeth.

KRSTL is a South African brand with a fast turnaround time and good treatment modalities. I love their brand because they are constantly working on making their product better.

Step 2: Zoom Whitening 

We used Zoom Whitening, the gold standard of whitening treatments, to brighten the patient’s smile.

Zoom whitening is a comfortable treatment with minimal sensitivity and great results depending on how dark your teeth are when you start. In addition, when you get a Zoom Whitening with us, you get a free clean before the whitening treatment.

Step 2: Veneers

I applied Emax Porcelain Veneers on the patient’s upper teeth. We did a Digital Smile Design to produce the best results, which our digital lab turned into a 3D treatment model.

In addition, we did a mockup to ensure design compatibility and let the patient see what the outcome could be.  

Emax veneers can be made very thin, and this means that we don’t have to prepare the tooth too much to place the veneers. My team and I always use a guided preparation technique to ensure minimally invasive dentistry.  

The veneer shade can also be adjusted slightly with our veneer shades of cement. This helps ensure that the shade of the teeth is even between them all. Again, we check this using a polarised lens.

Step 4: Resin Buildups

We performed resin buildups on the patient’s lower teeth. We did this procedure according to our design.

During this phase, we used a hand buildup technique to edge off the lower teeth that were most worn.

the patient’s upper and lower teeth before treatment
the patient’s upper and lower teeth after treatment

Great Technology Helps Make Great Outcomes

Throughout this case, we incorporated cutting-edge digital technology. Here are a few examples that helped make the patient’s smile transformation possible.

  • X-Rays & DSLR Photos,
  • Polarised Lenses,
  • Trios 3D Intraoral Scanning
  • The Digital Smile Design app

Aside from using exceptional technology, my team and I also had the pleasure of employing the expertise of :

  • KRSTL’s dental laboratories – for designing the patient’s Clear  aligners
  • Diceram Lab – for the Digital Smile Design model and final veneers

Are you looking to fix your worn teeth? We can help.

Thanks to Lite Dentistry and other state-of-the-art dental treatments we offer at Enamel Clinic, my team and I can help you smile with more confidence.

To book your consultation, kindly email Nikita at or send us a message on WhatsApp.

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