Composite Bonding


A digital dental specialist making cosmetic dentistry infinitely more innovative.

Before / After

_MG_2493 _MG_3309

Case 1

Love this case! Pt unhappy with the gaps, bonding done on all teeth upper and lower to create this marvelous outcome. No tooth damage whatsoever. Injection moulding was used to create this off a DSD 3D design.

_MG_4973 copy _MG_5894 copy

Case 2

Pt very unhappy with his chipped and worn teeth. Injection moulding created this phenomenal result using DSD and 3D digital design

_MG_0651 copy _MG_1479 copy

Case 3

Pt was looking for a very natural result, she didn’t want her teeth to look too fake. We used a good shade to brighten her smile but not too light and DSD with 3D digital design to use for injection moulding

_MG_7780 copy _MG_9429 copy

Case 4

This pt was adamant that he didn’t want perfect teeth. Our 3D natural design was made using DSD for our injectable moulding technique to protect the teeth from further wear.

_MG_1505 copy _MG_2081 copy

Case 5

Wedding smile – we optimised the size and shape of her teeth for her wedding day using DSD and 3D digital design for injection moulding.