Aligners Therapy


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Before / After

IMG_8331 _MG_9511

Case 1

The patient had a very canted bite on the lower front teeth.  14 Aligners corrected this. A bonded retainer wire was placed to ensure teeth stay in their new position.

IMG_7955 _MG_0899

Case 2

Here we used aligners for the upper and lower teeth. The patient had 35 aligners to correct this for a decent result. Retainer wires were bonded to ensure the position.

_MG_6424 copy _MG_1222 copy

Case 3

Pt had very lower teeth on the upper left side, 19 aligners pushed the teeth up and into the right position.

_MG_0793 _MG_3759

Case 4

Very exciting case, still only half way through, 14 aligners have straightened upper and lower teeth dramatically, can’t wait to see the final result. You can see the attachments in situ where the aligner can grip the teeth better and make movements in certain directions more accurate.