Get to Know Dr Sheryl Smithies

Dr Sheryl Smithies is not only a talented cosmetic dentist but leads Enamel Clinic’s Facial Aesthetics department. Her expertise cuts across different treatments. Her proven track record includes successes with Composite Veneers, Aptos Facial Threads, facial fillers and neurotoxins, to name a few.

Originally from Durban, Dr Smithies relocated to Cape Town to partake in the ever-growing cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetic market. Moreover, to expand her skills in the evolving developments in digital platforms for dental treatments.

The Beginning of an Exceptional Career in Dentistry

Before relocating to Cape Town, Dr Sheryl Smithies was in private practice in Durban, where she completed her community service in Dentistry in 2005.

Dr Smithies practised under the mentorship of Dr PJM Smith, who instructed her on various aspects of dentistry. Under Dr Smith’s guidance, she became an exceptional all-rounder in her field. She mastered treatments ranging from basic restorations and root treatments to crown, bridge and prosthetic dentistry.

Connecting Dentistry with Facial Aesthetics

During her time with Dr Smith, Dr Smithies attended several courses in basic dentistry nationally. In addition, she explored several subjects, most notably dental implant restorations, for which she attended several educational congresses.

In 2008, she completed the Allergan Basic Dermal Fillers and Botox course. This course opened her eyes to the potential of facial aesthetics, including how the face and the teeth work together when treating dental and facial aesthetics.

Dr Sheryl Smithies’ Achievements

In 2011, Dr Smithies opened The Smile Emporium, her private practice, in Musgrave. Here she expanded on her skills and honed her expertise in aesthetics oriented treatments.

To date, Dr Smithies completed many full rehabilitations on natural teeth as well as implants. She has also managed to achieve the following professional milestones in her career:

  • Completing  the Allergan internship in 2017
  • Completing her final Digital Smile Design residency course in 2020
  • Gaining her accreditation as a certified Aptos and Princess thread lifting practitioner.  Dr Smithies is well experienced administering Aptos Threads, Juvéderm Fillers and Allergan Toxin.
  • Completing training in Clear Aligner Orthodontic Therapy and advanced aesthetic dentistry.
  • Becoming a member of SADA and the HPCSA.

Currently, Dr Smithies is doing her Digital Smile Design Mastership with Dr Christian Coachman’s DSD facility.

How Does A Facial Aesthetics Consultation with Dr Smithies Work?

Your first appointment includes a discussion between you and Dr Smithies regarding your goals and wishes for your aesthetic treatment.

This step is followed by a clinical examination, after which Dr Smithies will discuss the ideal treatment outcomes and possibilities. Once Dr Smithies has established the best facial aesthetic treatment for you, she discusses important details, including treatment costs and timelines.

Ready to start your facial aesthetic journey with Dr Smithies?

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