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Facial Aesthetics

Dr. Sheryl Smithies specialises in cosmetic dentistry and facial aesthetics to give you your best smile.

Facial Aesthetics

We use our facial muscles in several ways on a daily basis. From talking, frowning, smiling or yawning, our skin is stretched or contracted as we use our muscles. Each person ages differently, and over the years you lose the elasticity of your skin causing the skin to sag or droop. 

Dr Sheryl was drawn to advanced cosmetics because it strikes a perfect balance between natural appearance and medical science.  It is too often the case that people have negative experiences and unsatisfactory treatment outcomes. She is determined to change that, and takes great pleasure in knowing that she can give her patients both the perfect frame and the perfect smile for their unique facial structure.

Beauty procedure for improvements lips in salon
Filler Treatments
Doctor injecting PDO suture treatment threads into the face of a woman
Thread Lifts
Young man receiving botox injection
Botox®/ Dysport®

Enhancing your natural beauty with minimally invasive treatments is possible, and our facial aesthetics department offers a variety of treatments curated by Dr Sheryl Smithies.

She has extensive training in Aptos and Princess thread lifting and is a accredited practitioner. She also specialise in Juvéderm® fillers and Botox®/ Dysport® injections. She was certified in 2008 in Dermal Fillers and Botox® and has since been practicing advanced botulinum toxin, most facial fillers, micro needling and vampire facial treatments.