Dr Sheryl Smithies’ 5 Most Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Your Smile Matters

When you smile, you express the best parts of yourself. You convey confidence and openness and invite others to share your happiness and wellbeing.

According to a Verywell Mind article, your smile does many other good things for you like:

  1. Reducing your stress levels.
  2. Helping you add positivity into situations and environments.
  3. Releasing dopamine and serotonin. These neurotransmitters can boost your mood.
  4. Attracting positive people, opportunities and success to your life.

This blog will illustrate how cosmetic dentistry can enhance your smile, including answers to five questions Dr Smithies frequently receives from patients at Enamel Clinic.

How does cosmetic dentistry help enhance your life?

It focuses on improving the appearance of your smile, which covers your mouth, gums, and teeth.

Thanks to this approach to professional oral care, Dr Smithies and the Enamel team can help you address cosmetic dental issues like:

  1. Broken, cracked or chipped teeth.
  2. Teeth worn down by teeth grinding or jaw clenching.
  3. Discoloured, overcrowded or misaligned teeth.

Dr Smithies and the rest of Enamel Clinic’s smile architects help patients achieve their best smiles using different procedures. Examples include porcelain and composite resin veneersaesthetic bondingtooth whitening and gum recontouring.

They do the above treatments using Digital Smile Design (DSD). DSD is a facially driven approach to dentistry. It uses state-of-the-art technology and 5 Smile Makeover Standards to ensure your new smile fits your face’s natural aesthetics.

Discover how to become the co-author of your new smile with DSD today!

Dr Sheryl Smithies’ 5 Most Frequently Asked Dental Questions

Below are a few questions Dr Smithies often gets from patients during their smile makeovers and her answers to each of them:

Question 1: “Can I whiten my veneers?”

Dr Smithies: “No, the colour they are will never whiten.”

Question 2: “Can I move my teeth without braces?”

Dr Smithies:  “ Yes, clear aligner therapy is for you.”

Question 4: “Can I have veneers that won’t damage my teeth?” 

Dr Smithies: “Yes, we have minimally invasive bonding options to give you the best outcomes without damaging your teeth.”

Question 5: “Do I need toxin if I grind my teeth

Dr Smithies: “Yes, in certain cases you do need toxin to help relieve the symptoms and damage due to grinding.  It can also help shape your face if you feel you have large lower cheeks.”

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