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Dental Aligners

Dr. Sheryl Smithies offers innovative dental aligner therapy in Cape Town.

Dental Aligners

Clear aligners – an advanced orthodontic treatment that uses a series of clear aligner trays to guide teeth into a better position. Dr Sheryl is an accredited provider of Invisalign®, Spark® and KRSTL aligners and has been doing aligner treatments since 2014.

Dr Sheryl has a very advanced way of approaching her aligner treatments as she has done both the Beginners and the Advanced MasterCoip Aligner courses in Europe in 2022. She is the only general dentist in South Africa to have done these courses thus far. The extremely advanced techniques allow for the treatment of cases which, until now, have been deemed untreatable with aligners. Combined with the Digital Smile Design platform, no aligner treatment is as well prepared with your final smile in mind.

Her approach to treatment is wholistic and the outcomes are actually in the Retro-aging range by building healthier gum, bones and the relationships of the teeth allowing better posture, breathing patterns, etc. – thereby building better jaw positions, straightening teeth and improving lifestyle all with simple clear aligner protocols.

Issues that can be corrected with Clear Aligners are:

Align with the facts

Everyone wants beautiful straight teeth that can flash a million Rand smile but deciding how to go about getting one is enough to cause a toothache. There are plenty of options between braces or aligners.  Dr Sheryl Smithies, a top Cape Town based aesthetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetic practitioner will help you to pick your preference based on what best suits your lifestyle.  Most of us have either worn braces in our childhood, or know someone who has, but how much do we really know about their purpose and functionality? In contract to this, aligners, like Invisalign, are a more advanced type of orthodontic treatment. These are made of plastic and are custom-made to securely fit around only the teeth that need straightening, rather than the whole mouth.  Small bumps of composite resin, which is like a tooth-coloured filling material, is used to help the aligner grip the tooth and each one then moves the teeth separately but rapidly, in a step-by-step fashion until it achieves the final layout, with very little discomfort. In Contrast to this, aligners, like Invisalign® are a more advanced type of orthodontic treatment.  These are made of either a thermoplastic or a printed resin which are BPA-free and are custom-made to securely fit around your teeth.

Brush up on the Facts:

The Pros – worn correctly, you are guaranteed to get straighter teeth over time

The Cons – you have to wear your aligners for 22 hours of the day minimum, dedication is required although it becomes an easy habit to follow once you are into the process.

What are the costs

Costs vary depending on the type and length of treatment and every patient will have a different set of circumstances.

The price bracket for aligners starts from R25,000 to R120,000. Again, this depends on the number of aligners a person needs and the type or brand.

Finally, choose if it aligns with you

Aligners may seem like they are a quicker treatment however, the overall time of movement as compared to fixed braces is similar. The key is that you are move comfortable throughout the treatment and you look much better as they aren’t so obvious. If you know you’ll be able to wear them correctly then there is no question that you should opt for clear aligner therapy.