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Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Sheryl Smithies is a digital dental specialist making cosmetic dentistry infinitely more innovative.

Cosmetic Re-Contouring and Re-Shaping

Cosmetic Dentistry done by Dr Sheryl is an individualised treatment approach to giving you the ultimate natural smile. She does this by utilising digital workflows and different treatment strategies to give you the most minimally invasive treatment with the best results.
Cosmetic dentistry includes several treatments that can be used individually or in combination to maximise your dental treatment outcome. These treatments may include resin bonding, minimally invasive veneers, crowns, implants, gum recontouring and whitening.
Some of the reshaping and bonding treatments can be so minimally invasive that you don’t need to be numbed to have the treatment done. Dr Sheryl’s goal is not to do more damage to the teeth than what they already have had to endure.

Our digital processes include using digital photography, 3D technology for model creation and 3D CBCT x-rays for accurate measurements. These processes help us build a digital model of your mouth as it is, and we can then design how we would like it to be in the 3D digital workspace. This is then translated into your mouth accurately and painlessly.

The result will be exact to the one you ‘test-drove’ – so you can rest assured of your end results.

Cosmetic treatments include 

  1. Cosmetic Contouring and Re-shaping
  2. Aesthetic Bonding
  3. Porcelain Veneers and crowns (guided technology and minimally invasive execution)
  4. Adjunctive procedures from the team including gum recontouring, gum depigmentation, implant placement, teeth whitening).
Implant and Reconstructive Dentistry

A Truly Custom-Designed Approach

A common worry is that your new teeth might not look natural.

The reason for this concern is that regrettably, some dentists get into the habit of applying the same approach to every patient they see; a one-size-fits-all treatment can lead to imperfect results that don’t last and can even lead to new dental problems, plus the work can look incorrect for the person, not being made specifically for them. 

Having seen this many times as a top Cape Town aesthetic dentist, Dr Sheryl has developed her own unique and successful techniques to prevent patients having this experience, and also to ensure each of her patients gets the treatment that is truly custom-designed to them.