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Revolutionary Biostimulator treatments – the ultimate cocktail for youthful skin rejuvenation
The pursuit of eternal youth just got a powerful new ally – Biostimulator treatments. This cutting-edge...
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Anti Ageing and Facial Treatments
You’re never too young to start fighting facial ageing
Like it or not, the ageing process begins much earlier than we think, from as we hit our twenties, and...
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Five Ways To Drop Five Years Off Your Face
Dr Sheryl Smithies, a top Cape Town based aesthetic dental surgeon and facial aesthetic specialist -...
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Aligners or Braces – Who Wins In The Quest For Straight Teeth
Everyone wants beautiful straight teeth that can flash a million Rand smile but deciding how to go about...
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How can I enhance my natural beauty?
At Enamel Dentistry, we combine a smile rehabilitation with a facial aesthetic treatment to enhance...
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How can Facial Fillers enhance your natural beauty?
Facial Fillers, like Juvéderm, can be used to enhance your natural beauty by adding volume and contour...
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How do Dysport® injections work?
Dysport® injections are a botulinum toxin (type A) that helps to relax your muscles by blocking the release...
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Composite veneers: Dr Sheryl Smithies
Composite veneers were the most minimally invasive and cost-effective option for this patient. The outcome...
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Let’s help you beat your fear for needles: Fillers & Botox®/Dysport® treatments with Dr Smithies.
We can help you beat your fear of needles for your next injectable experience using different methods....
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How do Facial Threads work?
How do Facial Threads work? Some Aptos threads contain Hyaluronic Acid, that are carefully inserted and...
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