A Collaboration of Excellence – A Treatment Case Study by Dr Sheryl Smithies & the Enamel Clinic Team

As a member of Enamel Clinic’s multidisciplinary family, Dr Smithies enjoys collaborating with the rest of the team when treating patients. This teamwork results in excellent results as her expertise is complemented by the unique skill sets and experience of Enamel Clinic’s different dental experts.

The following case is an excellent example of the benefits of dental treatment in a multidisciplinary clinic where Dr Smithies worked together with her fellow practitioners to produce world-class results.

A Full Rehabilitation Case Using A Team Approach

When the patient, Grant, came to the clinic, he was sceptical about dentistry due to bad experiences in the past. However, he needed to rehabilitate his teeth after not looking after them for years. After his initial assessment, Grant was shocked by how much dental work was required to restore his smile. Fortunately, the Enamel Clinic team was ready for the challenge.

Grant’s treatment began with root treatments. The exceptional endodontist Dr Andre Brand handled this phase of his treatment. When Dr Brand completed the root treatments, he referred the patient to Dr Smithies for a rehabilitation assessment.

After assessing Grant’s teeth, Dr Smithies realised he had several missing teeth, failing implants and general wear and tear. Her first step after the assessment was to create a Digital Smile Design before treating the decay and doing the main build-ups for the patient’s broken teeth.

Before and After Lower Occlusal

This being completed, she handed over Grant to Dr Gluckman, who assessed the patient for removal and replacement of his implants. While Dr Gluckman did the assessment, Dr Smithies aligned Grant’s lower teeth using KRSTL aligners. This action created a perfect platform to rehabilitate the patient’s upper arch for the correction of the bite.

Dr Gluckman removed Grant’s faulty implants and replaced them, applying the latest implant dentistry technology and techniques. After the implants had been integrated and the aligner treatment completed, Dr Smithies concluded the rehabilitation by restoring the implants with zirconia crowns and doing injection moulding with Digital Smile Design on the upper teeth.

Grant’s lower teeth before alignment therapy.

Dr Smithies and the team used a minimally invasive approach for Grant’s full rehabilitation. As expected, the results of this clinical collaboration were terrific. An ecstatic Grant had the following words to say about his treatment experience:

“Being Scottish, the enjoyment of good return on investment is a guiding factor. When I received the steep quote to ‘renovate’ years of not looking after my mouth and teeth followed by sub-standard dental work… I was a little suspicious.
Well, well……the Enamel team were relational, really skilled at their work and actually passionate about dentistry. Can you believe this? Passionate about teeth. This is big.
Howard, you are the don of all implants. Sheryl, you were exceptional (Dr Smithies) and thank-you Rene and Nikita, for adding to the experience. It was worth every cent and more. Thanks, gals and yes, Howard.”

Are you interested in showing your smile some love?

In the following section, you’ll learn how Dr Smithies and the Enamel Clinic team ensure that you get the smile of your dreams.

Realising Your Dream Smile with Digital Smile Design

Thanks to DSD’s unique approach to dentistry, Dr Smithies can deliver custom-designed smiles that transform patients’ lives for the better. As part of Enamel’s DSD certified smile architects, she ensures that every patient gets world-class treatment by following these five smile makeover standards:

  1. Digitisation
  2. 3D Facial Design
  3. Digital Treatment Planning
  4. Smile Test Drive
  5. Guided Treatment

Thanks to these five standards, you are guaranteed that your new smile will look good, function well and make you feel confident for a long time.

DSD’s patient-focused approach gives Dr Smithies the perfect platform to involve her patients in the smile transformation. This means that when you get your smile makeover, you will be an active participant in making your dream smile a reality.

Ready to transform your smile?

Your dream smile awaits. Book your smile makeover appointment today.

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